Himachal – God’s own land

Himachal Pradesh …. Ummm Himachal is one of the most visited hill station. Owing to its loaction, Himachal Pradesh usually experiences a chilling weather. Although it is a small province in India, but it has immense beauty. From Incredible mountain ranges to the flowing rivers. You can’t just get enough of this place . Most of the tourists visit this amazing place because of their religious belief .

Clicked while treking

Temples here are one of the most serene temples you would come across . If you’re lone traveller like me , then you’ll surely have an adventurous day and then feel relaxed looking at the setting sun. Personally I’ve been to Himachal numerous times , but each time I am surprised by something new . I would suggest that you should carry minimal luggage. No person would ever like to hike with 10 Kilos weight on their shoulders . Treking is one of the most wonderful thing that you can do over here . Just take your backpack and land in Here . If you love water and adventure , then what else could be better than doing river-rafting in Manali ? Manali is one of the most visited place in Northern India. As I mentioned earlier that Each time I visit Himachal , I explore new places and things .

Clicked at Bhakra Nangal Dam

This Time I went to Bhakra Nangal Dam just for some fun and trust me I was in love with the place . The landscape , the lake , the forest , the mountains everything was just so damn wonderful . I got infinite beautiful pictures of the place for my social media and especially my blog .

Bhakra Nangal Dam

Food and people are like soul of a place. Himachali cuisine is non-spicy and simple yet delicious . Even if your taste buds like spicy and sizzling , then momos and bun and mashed potatoes are enough to feed them . Maggi or instant noodles is something that you would find very common at every hilly tourist destination in India . However, the noodles tastes so much better over here . Heard of Himachal’s Bun Potato ? Not yet ? Then you have missed something so amazing to eat . This place serves the best of them . Try them ASAP ! You would find Dhabas ( local restaurant ) just everywhere in Himachal or even in entire India . These dhabas serve best food . I’ve travelled to Himachal by every means . Be it Road , air or railways but By far Roadtrip is the best way to explore the place . I wish that you visit Himachal sooner . This blog was one of my most loved blog by far . I hope you loved it . Please share feedback .

Typical Dhaba



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