Korea – Touch of Nature to Modern World


Korea , situated on the western coast of Asia is hub for immense beauty . Be it Breath taking view of nature or Illusionary cities . Korea is a perfect example of Balance between nature and modernisation . I’m sure that all of us have admired Korea for its various spine tingling places . Seongsan Sunrise peak , listed as UNESCO world heritage site , is famous for various things .From numerous rare species to Beautiful view of sky , everything adds more charm to the place . Evident from the name , this park is popular for its sunrise view . This park lures thousands of tourists each year to capture the beauty of morning sky in their eyes . If you’re an adventurous tourist like me , then climbing the 180 meter high peak would surely thrill you . Korean Pop or popularly known as K-Pop is gaining popularity around the world .



Gangnam Tourist Info Center , located in the small town of Gangnam , is the perfect place for experiencing K-Culture , K-Pop , K-Drama and various other things too . Visitors have free access to unreleased performances of K-Pop stars to have an insight of K-Pop . Make sure to click thousands of pictures of your Gangnam Tour . It organises various exhibitions for giving tourists an insight of Musical Instruments , pictures of Pop stars and books . If you want to rejnuvate your looks , then you are free to ask for beauty tips from K-stars . As known to all , Gangnam is famous for its medical facilities , Tourists can take information on its medical sector while they visit Medical Tour Center . War Memorial Of Korea is an epitome of Peace . With more than 33,000 artifacts and about 10,000 on display , it makes your trip even more charming .


COEX Mall symbolises modern and developed Korea . It will interest you to know that it is largest underground shopping mall of the country . Beautifully created crystal ceilings , symbolising clouds , add a whole new effect of unfolding sky to the environment . COEX Live Plaza is cultural hub for various communities through communication . It offers transportation to events held at staircase venue . After a tiring and fun day at Mall , you can go to COEX Asem Plaza , one of the finest dining place of city , for a serene and romantic dinner . No journey can be complete without visiting the muesuem of the place . National Muesuem of Korea has collection of things that represent Korean History and its Beautiful culture . It recollects stories from Ancient times . You can’t just miss out N Seoul Tower . The rotating observatory tower provides you the fascinating panoramic view of entire Seoul City . The view of cityscape from revolving restaurant in the tower is completely amazing . At the end , I feel that no city , no place can be described through words . It can just be explored by eyes . I wish to Visit Korea soon . Thankyou for reading .


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